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Sales Policy-updated 08/17

*** Yellow Rose Farm reserves the right to keep any kid born on this farm.***


Deposits and Reservations

Reservations are taken in the order in which they are asked.

Doe Kids: Once doe kids have been evaluated, first on the list is contacted. If a deposit is not received after 7 days, I will call the next person. If you would like to visit with the kids before selecting, I will call after kids are born to set up a time. If you pick out a doe kid, you must leave a deposit for the kid to be held for you. At the time of evaluation, I will determine if the kid will be sold with/without papers. Doe kids with registration papers start at $400 and go up. ($400 doe kids are out of first fresheners, NOT my best does) Doe kids without registration papers start at $250 and go up.  My goal is to improve the Nigerian Dwarf breed of goats, so if I deem a kid as being sold without papers, no registration papers will be available.

Buck Kids: I am very selective when choosing buck kids that will remain buck kids. As such VERY few leave my farm as a registered buck kid. If you are looking for pets, buck kids that will be wethered make a wonderful pet, pasture ornament, meat or cart goat. If you choose this option, you will receive your kid un-wethered. I do not wether the kid until they are 12 weeks of age. If you choose to buy a doe kid at the same time, I have no choice but to wether at that time. This can cause Urinary Calculi and can be a problem later on in life. Unregistered buck kids, for pets go for $100/each or 2 for $125. If you want them de-horned there is an extra $10/each charged. If you want more than 5, call me and we can talk. You will have to pick them up before 2 weeks of age. These boys go fast so contact me immediately if you want more than 5. Intact registered buck kids start at $450 and go up. ($450 buck kids are from 2-3 fresheners that haven’t gotten their milk stars yet.)

Shipping & Health Certificates

Arrangements may be made to pick up kids from the farm or to have kids transported and/or shipped.  All expenses for shipping, health certificates, requested testing and crates for transport are the responsibility of the buyer.  We will transport to the Atlanta airport for a fee of $100 since the drive is 4 hours round trip.  Airline expenses are an additional expense of the buyer. Kids must be paid for in full before leaving our farm.  Transport arrangements must be made in a timely manner.  A boarding fee of $5.00 per day will be charged beginning 30 days after payment unless other arrangements are made and approved prior to that time.  All veterinary expenses incurred after the 30 days on a purchased kid will be the responsibility of the buyer in addition to daily boarding fees.  All moneys paid towards a goat will be forfeited and the goat will be offered for sale to others if the goat is not picked up by 8 weeks of age (kid) or within 30 days of purchase for an adult goat.  We will gladly work with you to arrange for your goat to be transferred to you in the best possible manner for the health of your goat.  No goat will be held without a deposit.

ALL kids sold will receive a full health history, and care instructions.

We strive to provide you with the best animals possible. Yellow Rose Farm can ONLY guarantee the health of the animals while on our farm. Therefore, NO animals can be returned for a refund because of illness. If your animal is deemed to have a genetic defect, please provide us with a signed statement from your Veterinarian with the proof of the issue and we will either refund the purchase price or replace the animal.

If you are unclear of what it takes to have goats or need help learning about their care, please let me know. There are a lot of GOOD resources to help you learn. I am here as well. If you do not live close, I will try to help find you a mentor that is close to you for help.

My goal is to give you enough information so that your goat ownership is a fun and rewarding experience. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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