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Bucks...The overlooked part of the herd

Bucks....sometimes we forget to give them their just recognition because without them...face it...there would be NO herd! Hey, I am just as guilty as the next person to ooohh and aaahhhh over that really nice udder I am seeing on that first freshener without giving any thought to the male genetics that went into that!!! SHAME, shame, shame on me...

I am very proud of the bucks I have, all 9 of them. Yes, I am a Buck Hoarder but the first step is recognition, right? I have been doing this a really long time. I have seen plenty of herds come and go, some for the good of the breed and some...well not so much. This year I kept 2 of my bucks, which for me is a HUGE thing. I tell people very easily that I am very picky when it comes to keeping or selling any bucks. First, their mother has to have a VERY nice udder, not to mention milking ability. Next, I have to like what I see in past generations, and what I need to improve on. *NOTE to Breeders: Make sure to ask for pictures of past genetics, they may not be available next time you want to see where your animal came from.

The final thing is that I have to like what I am looking at. Just because it has a champion dam and sire doesn't mean that mix of genetics is going to work!! Things on paper do NOT sometimes equate to what you think they should.. HINT, a lot of crossings don't work. YOU have to figure out what bloodlines work with what other bloodlines. It took me a while to figure out what works with my herd, hence the 9 bucks sitting in my pasture.

This year I had a friend headed out west with a trailer and room to bring back a buck for me. Cleared it with the hubby, as in stashed enough money away so that we would not squeal when the buck showed up on our doorstep. Well wouldn't you know that I searched all over looking for a new bloodline to bring into my herd and could not find ANYTHING that I liked better than what I have in my pasture. I am glad that I am comfortable enough to really pick apart bucks and talk myself out of them with confidence.

Now, I am not saying that my bucks are the be all, end all....but......unless the buck is pretty much perfect in the things I want to improve on I ain't buying it. Someone that I respect very much, and has been breeding goats for a long time(not Nigerians) told me a couple of years ago to quit doubting myself and my breeding decisions. Also, when a judge can pick out the goats that you have bred and the ones that you didn't and tell you "Why do you have this goat? You breed much better than this that you are buying." You probably should pay attention...I have had other judges tell me that I "have a type" of goat. Why yes...I have to look at it and that is what I like.

It all boils down to this in the end. Since your buck makes up like 75% of your genetic pool;

1. You had better buy what you like and want to pass onto your herd

2. Believe in your choice and stick with it

3. Know what crosses well with your herd and stick with it

4. Love on those stinky, nasty boys....give them kisses and let them


rub that stink all over you!!!


Until next time!!! Enjoy the sweet smell of your stink buckets!!!

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