Fall, 2016

Yellow Rose Farm started their fall show season off with a BANG!! So very proud of my girls! On Sunday, September 25 we competed in the Gwinnett County Fair’s Southeast Empire Livestock Show. We absolutely love this show!

Unlike last year, the weather cooperated (i.e. No rain) and a good time was had by all! YRF is proud of the girls performance in the show ring!

In senior does:

  • 3-5 year old milkers:
    • Honey Bunny 1st
    • Aurora 2nd
  • 5+ milkers:
    • Kalibrie 1st, Grand Champion
  • Champion Challenge:
    • Kalibrie 1st
    • Oynx 2nd
  • Dam & Daughter class:
    • Kalibrie & Aurora 1st (all breeds)

In junior does:

  • 0-6 month:
    • Cupie Doll 1st
  • 7-12 month:
    • Marla 1st (now owned by Hugh & Melissa Raiford)
    • Vertigo 2nd
    • Ice Princess 5th
  • 12-24 month:
    • Vera 1st
    • Hibiscus 3rd
    • Vexatious 5th
  • GCH: Marla
  • RGCH: Vera
  • Get of Sire: (all breeds)
    • Hibiscus, Vera, Vexatious 1st-Mark
    • Cupie, Marla, Ice Princess 5th-Bourre’

So all in all it was an awesome day!! I do want to thank everyone that helped us at the show. It is not possible without you!

Next up is Georgia National Fair October 11, Tuesday. Wish us luck!!

Also want to say WELCOME to the farm to our awesome WWOOFer Tonie!!




Ready for cooler temperatures? Maybe not…

Any goat owner knows that the first sign of fall isn’t the leaves changing color or a slight nip in the air, but there is something in the air alright…RUT. The wonderful time of year, probably before the girls are ready that your boys decide it is breeding season.

Never mind that not one, NOT ONE, of the girls is showing signs of being in season. Those boys hormones coming in raging, your once beautiful well behaved buck comes to the fence and you wonder “Well when did I get a new buck?”

From the perfume(stench) in the air to the “Oh, mommy I love you so much” scrubs, to the nastiness on their face and beards, to color changes…especially those light colored bucks that are now dark brown/red colored and lets not forget the ones that show up to the fence with blood on their heads either from smacking the other boys or rubbing their “sweet smell” all over trees, or anything stationary, or even their sweet unsuspecting moms…..YUCK..

You just have to love those boys and their hormonal rages; yes, that is the true first sign of fall…

Rage on you crazy boys, rage on….(insert Nirvana’s Smell’s Like Teen Spirit here) lol

If you have gotten this far in this blog post, I must say that now all the girls are in season and in breeding pens (at least the one’s I want bred). Ever notice that all the girls in one pen all come into season at the same time? The same day? Poor guys, guess you should’ve been saving all that energy earlier in the year.

Think Pink….until next time…

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Hot, humid and miserable…

You know I love living in the south especially in Georgia. I have lots of goat friends..let me rephrase that…friends with goats..lol. You know everyone of your friends is like “I hate the summer, I am a cold weather person” or “I hate the winter, I would much rather for it to be hot.” WELL..not me, it would be just fine with me if we remained year long at a temperature between oh 55 and 80, yep I would be just fine with that other than the fact that the skeeters and flies would be out of control.

My point is this, if you are hot how do you think your goats feel? I realize they are livestock but surely in the HOT, dog days of summer you are doing your level best to make sure they survive the heat. If you have been in the south or pretty much anywhere thanks to El Nino, Nuno, or whoever pushes that stuff in our direction, you have heat and humidity. Along with that wonderful humidity comes afternoon showers which basically make you feel like you are living in a sauna afterward.

Well, we may not like it and the goats may not like it but guess who does? That’s right, worms especially those notorious Barber pole worms. Yes, the grass quits growing from lack of rain, and then when the rain comes the barber pole larvae pop up out of the ground and up the grass blade they go, right into your goats stomach. They can slither (not the right word, but very appropriate) up to 4 inches from the ground.

So even if you have checked all your goats you had better check them again and again and again. Barber pole worm is nothing to take lightly, trust me I should know. In one year, I lost 5 bucks and 2 does to barber pole, even though I had been treating them and checking eye lids frequently. This is a problem that can have devastating effects on your herd.

I just read an article that reaffirmed what my Vet (who DOES know goats) had just told me. I am now using multiple classes of dewormers at the same time with great results. Should you do it? I don’t know, but if you are having resistance issues you may need to utilize this method. Check it out with your veterinarian, better yet have them send in a parasitology study on your herd. That study will tell you specifically what worms you have and what if any drugs they are resistant too and what drugs will kill them. It is worth a shot if you are having worm issues. The cost runs around $220, depending on your veterinarian and lab they use. It sure is cheaper than losing that $1000 goat.

If you are on facebook, like our club page GDGBA. I try and post lots of informative articles on there. If not join our club and you will recieve our newsletter packed full of good and useful information. Plus, you get to have a wonderful group of dairy goat owners willing to help out!!!10422485_10205422500178997_8366377284450508398_n

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Another kidding season

Another kidding season is here! I don’t care if this is your first kidding season or your hundredth, the anticipation is exciting!!! I am always so excited to help the does with kidding and see what all we end up with; does, bucks, colors, etc. As long as everybody is healthy I don’t really care…ok, not so true but it is hard to stay mad at those cute little faces.

As we gear up to deliver those 4 legged bundles of joy I remember the years in the past and to see those girls I delivered several years ago now having their turn in the kidding stalls is what makes this all worthwhile. All the girls getting ready to kid have already gone through this once so no newbies here, whew. Hopefully, no midnight kiddings or five does trying to give birth at once! My girls love to have me sit with them while they kid and call for me if I leave (thank goodness for internet at the barn!!). I don’t know how many your girls have at once but Nigerians are notorious for having multiples, as in triplets and quads so with me having 14 girls pregnant, my herd could triple in size in a couple of days!! Trust me in a couple of weeks time you will probably see ads for ALL the babies for cheap; hahaha….that would be called being overwhelmed…

But truthfully, I will probably keep a few from my favorite does which means some of the others will have to go. I always hate that about kidding season, the time when you have to let go. I am not going to focus on that but the good part, the yummy, fun part of bottle feeding and hearing tiny hooves stomp across my living room hardwood floors. I wish they could stay small like this forever…Until next time..keep your hearts open for a new member of the family..

Pregnant butts Drive Me Nutts!!

Pregnant Butts Drive Me Nuts!!

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Ready for the New Year 2016

So here we are in 2016..I am ready for the new year to begin!!

We are excited to have 16 does ready to kid in late February and March. Ok so maybe not excited to have all those hungry mouths to feed but you understand. There will be LOTS of kids for sale and some does in milk as well. If you want updates fast, please go to Facebook and like our farm page. Most often that is the first place I update new births and what will be available. I have been remiss in updating the website like I should but will try harder this year to do better.

The soap company is very busy (Yay!) and we are excited to announce some very interesting and great new products! Check out our website (www.yellowrosefarmsoapcompany.com) for more details. But I will tell you a few of the items I have been working on: bath oil, body spray, shave soap, after shave gel, beard oil, bath salts and body scrubs, etc, etc.

We are pleased to announce that we will be continuing to do a one day milk test on our does to get their milk stars again in 2016. I am even thinking of doing a longer milk test but am unsure since I would have to keep the does in milk for 8 months. I retired a few does this year so that brings the total to 10 retired does…all are healthy but the market has changed so I will not be breeding as many does this year. Our milk (sold for pet food only per GA law) sales have been on the rise which is good for the girls and me! I am applying for grants to try and get a Grade A kitchen so that I can legally sell cheese. We will see if that happens…

We have some big structural changes happening at the farm as well. We are getting some much needed work done on the house, a new roof, and some windows, and will replace the stove, and open up the wall between the kitchen and the dining room.

The next Goats 101 class is going to be held April 16th at the farm. Sign up now to hold your spot.yellow rose soap company logo FINAL


6 Reasons You Should Eat Goat Cheese


Love it when a plan comes together….

Some of you may know that I have always had a full time job away from home, some may not. Well up until last June…then I became a full time goat herder, soap maker, and cheese queen along with chicken wrangler, and professional gardener. Point being that I have a lot on my plate. Well now I have more on my plate, but it is good.

Our products are now being offered at thedirtfarmers.com which is an online farmers market for Macon! They are also going to be opening a store front in Macon at the Georgia State Farmer’s Market. They will carry a wider selection of our wonderful products at the store. Look soon for Grand Opening details!!!

I also started another website featuring our soaps, lotions, shampoos, pet products and our all natural line of goods as well. www.yellowrosefarmsoapcompany.com Go and check us out!!!

The herd is growing and so is the work load so I have to regretfully sell some of the amazing animals I have. Make sure to check out the Sales Page to see if anything interests you!. Have an awesome day!


New Year New Things!!!

We have been busy on the farm with kiddings this spring! So far this year we have had 47 births on the farm, whew am I tired. So we have all the girls bred for February and March completed now waiting on 4-5 more to kid in May then we are done until August when we have 14 prospective mothers.

We received our Pet Food license to sell raw goat milk this year and I have also been experimenting with butter and yogurt for our personal use. We also added 28 more chickens to the farm so when they start laying we will have lots of extra eggs!!

Just got the garden put into the ground and am hoping it produces well for us this year. Our goal is to produce more food for us than having to buy at the grocery store.

Lots of festivals coming soon for soap and bath products!!

We will only be going to one show this spring, The GDGBA Spring Show in Monroe, May 30th. We hope to see you there!!!


The end of Fall Show Season2014

We have closed out the fall 2014 show season with one of our favorite shows, The South Carolina State Fair. The show season started in September with the Tennessee State Fair in Nashville where we had a great time. At that show, KACO Yellow Rose Sunshine and KACO Yellow Rose Ixora both earned their junior show wins! We also were awarded best three juniors, and Junior get of sire for Kaapio Acres JA Makin Me Crazy (Mark).Kaapio Acres JA Makin Me Crazy

Our next foray into the show ring was at the Gwinnett County Fair in Lawrenceville. We did not bring home any Grands at this show but were sure proud of Double Durango and their wins. (Their buck “KACO Yellow Rose Captain” is a Chief son and sired all their winners.)

Next up was the Georgia National Fair in Perry. we had a blast being able to visit with some friends from Florida and had some success in the show ring as well. KACO Yellow Rose Ryzingstar (Angel) got reserve junior doe, and our Dairy herd was third from all the breeds!!

So onto South Carolina State Fair in Columbia. Again a great weekend with great friends both old and new!! On Saturday, the juniors placed well and again Angel was reserve grand champion. Mark not only took honors for Junior Get of Sire but also placed second as well. But on Sunday it was our day to shine!!!! The seniors went out there and did their stuff!! KACO Yellow Rose Ebonee was awarded Grand Champion. CH KACO Yellow Rose Snow white was named best of breed, and best udder. Senior get of sire was CH Kaapio Acres Chief Justice (the old man is still doing his job), Yellow Rose was also awarded Best Nigerian Dairy Herd. Although we did not win the overall or supreme dairy herd the judge was very complementary of the quality of the YRF does.Chief

All in all a very successful show season and we hope to see everyone out soon!! Now onto to the fall festival season and soaping…and cheesing…


Fall Show Season is HERE!!

We had an awesome time at the Tennessee State Fair held in Nashville. Mandy (Latimer Luck Acres), Katy (Showman extraordinaire), and myself made the 5 hour trip with a trailer full of goats. I think 28 all together plus 8 babies. Needless to say we were very full. Although YRF senior does did not do as well as we hoped on Saturday, Sunday proved to be quite different for the junior girls. In Ring 1 (Judge Ed Cavanaugh) deemed our “daughter” KACO Yellow Rose Sunshine worthy of Grand Champion while in Ring 2, Judge Scott Bice placed our KACO Yellow Rose Ixora Grand Champion. Also in Ring 1, the TN State Fair show with all the extra classes, YRF was awarded the Best 3 Junior Does in Nigerians!! We later went back into the ring for Supreme best 3 and although we did not win were congratulated for their dairyness, length of body, and escutcheon height. Pretty good considering the competition we were up against.

Thanks to Kevin Kinney and all who made it possible. We will definitely be back next year. It is good to meet people at a show from up north that we only get to see once or twice per year.